Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Even further down the country

Is it time to go now?
After the first night in Ludlow (without a nice meal) we decided to head on further down the country to Devon.  We booked into a great site - Stowford Caravan Park - near Ilfracombe.
The facilities were fantastic and so well organised yet half the price of Ludlow so we booked for two nights. We arrived late on Saturday and we were 6 miles from Ilfracombe so we stayed around the site and did some chores on Kevin.  The site had 3 bars, an accessory shop and a farm shop selling local produce.  We had Sunday lunch at the on-site Carvery....
That was Sunday Lunch!
 and had a long walk in the afternoon to walk it off.  Sunday night was the night of the eclipse and there was a fantastic sunset..
but unfortunately the picture is rubbish..
Next morning (Monday) we decided to head off to our next destination, Padstow in Cornwall.  I wanted to have some Fish and Chips in Rick Stien's café just to see if they were as good as his reputation.  On route, I decided to do some driving (Gulp).  GJ agreed but for some reason asked if I had packed any vallium tablets.  He thinks I drive too fast but you have to get there as soon as possible don't you?  It was great to just pull over and make a cup of coffee - simple things!
Little town en-route in a sheltered cove
Kevin stops for coffee
Mileage so far : 314 to Ilfracombe
GJ, H & Bracken


  1. Well? Did you get your fish and chips?

    1. Yes, pictures on next blog - beer battered lemon sole - delish. Even bumped into Ricky.