Monday, 14 September 2015

Well that was a different day....

As we were down in the Midlands, we thought we would visit my uncle (Dad's brother) and his wife in Bristol.  All was going to plan until we stopped for lunch at a service station.  We parked some way away from the station but when I came out from having the call of nature, the heavens opened - drowned rat syndrome.   Never mind says I (in my south west accent) - that's what retirement does for you.  You tend to say never mind when you used to say for f***s sake.
We carried on towards Bristol and the gizmo on the dashboard told me that we were only 4 minutes from our destination.  Great I thought - "straight ahead at the roundabout" I told my driver (GJ), then OMG what was that!?  There were two cars in the lanes behind us that had obviously had an altercation which had resulted in one of them bumping into us. Huh!

Imagine the traffic - considering we are used to minor roads in the Lakes that don't have either major roundabouts or traffic lights, there we were, Bracken and I, sat in our poorly car right on a roundabout with traffic all about us whilst my driver (GJ) was exchanging details with a guy who was indifferent and girl who was nearly hysterical.
Now I don't think the chap who we bought the motor home from is going to want to move on a car that, clean would only be worth about £800 and now will need more that £1000 spending on it to put it right.  Oh well, at least nobody was hurt (except the other two cars both un-drivable) and we live to fight another day......
More visiting tomorrow (15th) lets see what damage we can do then!

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  1. Main thing is you are all OK Sis. You'll soon be on less congested roads, and once in Bulgaria there is little traffic, which is just as well as you need the whole road to miss the potholes!!!!