Thursday, 8 October 2015

The rest of our British journey...

It's been a long time since we had decent access to Wifi so my blogs will come thick and fast when I do.
We left Padstow for Falmouth.  After settling in to our resting site on a little farm (only 5 pitches but all with electric hook up and chemical disposal - no showers or loo block) we decided to attempt a walk into Falmouth. 
Kevin up on his chocks again
Needless to say most of the sites are a walk (long walk) away from the nearest town but as Bracken needs walking, we don't mind really.  We found a pub en-route which we thought might give us the incentive to go further.  The pub dog was a chocolate lab who kept looking at Bracken but wouldn't come over to see him until we actually left and he went straight to where he had been sitting to check things out!  We followed GJs GPS thingy on his phone and found our way in after quite a long walk but as we strolled around the harbour, it was quite apparent that the majority of eating places were restaurants and wouldn't accommodate a dog.
We did manage a very mediocre meal here though.
We decided to get a taxi back and would you believe there was a firm called Abacus which was the name of the company that GJ worked for in Windermere.  Next day we walked down to the beech part of Falmouth
Walking further along, we came across a big square which housed various restaurants/bars and it also had the navel museum and part of the harbour that we hadn't yet seen - more for pleasure cruisers than working vessels
We decided to stop for lunch at an Italian restaurant called Zizzi and felt really swarve and sophisticated because we had a bottle of wine - at LUNCHTIME!  GJ had a pizza and I had a mixed seafood kebab which came out looking spectacular and was very tasty.
 I was pleased with it honestly - I just looked grumpy when he clicked the shutter
GJ did one of those wide shots.  It was quiet, it being October but look at the weather!
On our way back from the town, we stopped for yet another coffee...
This picture is for Axe if he is watching the blog!
We had purchased some proper Cornish Pasties in Falmouth so I made some onion gravy and we ate them with gusto.
We had tried to book a ferry from Porstmouth to Le Harve because they had pet friendly cabins and it was an overnight cruise. However because we are in a motor home it meant that we parked on the deck with the lorries and you can't get a dog up a ladder type stairway.  Plan B was to book from Poole to Cherboug which is only a 5 hr crossing and Bracken had to stay in Kevin.  Don't know why I was worried, he was fine and it was even a bit choppy. This meant an overnight near Poole but we were able to shower which was fab considering the previous two nights.  Up at 6am the next morning to get the 8.15 to Cherboug. There was a dodgy moment or perhaps I should say doggy moment when Bracken's chip wouldn't scan at check in but it all came good in the end.
Our ship
Will check in with the mileage on the next blog which should follow tomorrow.  See I told you they would be thick and fast!
H, GJ & Bracken


  1. ... and now the adventure really begins.

  2. Told you he'd be fine. Enjoy some good grub for the next couple of weeks, while you can