Friday, 6 November 2015

We arrive at Chez Brunger...

Well, Kevin and GJ got us here in one piece on Sunday 25th October to Polski Senovets village which is where my sister and brother in law live.
 Kevin sitting outside - can you imagine the curtains twitching!
Chez Brunger or in Bulgeski - Dom David et Sarah
The outside kitchen on the right and the front (or side) door..
Leading to the Chicken roosting shed and night time perch, then on to the goat shed..
Millie having a scratch and David closed in for the night!!!
Goat - who said goat? Grrr!
On Monday I had about 5 loads of washing to do and we decided to choose and book some houses to look at on Tuesday.  We looked at 5 on Tuesday within the village that S & D live (Polski Senovets), one of which was just what we wanted but with possibly a bit too much every day work going into our old age but we thought we would put it on the back burner.  Some of the houses were pretty bad but for the price, we didn't expect much.  It's quite creepy that when there has been a death in the family, the Bulgarians celebrate it by putting a poster of the dead person on the entrance door, for how long I'm not sure but there are posters everywhere. 
On Wednesday it was market day at Polski Trembesh, a couple of villages away, so off we trundled with David and Venka and Jordan their neighbours.  Venka and Jordan are both in their 60/70s and have adopted David and Sarah and between them all, they manage very well to communicate.  
Venka, Jordan, David and Me off to market in the early morning mist.
 The market was an array of colours with all the lovely fruit and veg stalls - no photos tho' because we were standing out enough without being tourists.  Under a subway to avoid the railway track and there were stalls selling shoes, kitchen stuff, clothes, hardware - you name it.  We met up with Venka and Jordan in a very trendy caf√© for coffee and were invited to their house that night for a meal and that afternoon to look at a house for sale of another neighbour.  OMG! The price started at 19k Levs, quite a lot of people turned up to show us around babbling away in Bulgarian.  After having negociated the unkempt garden to get into the house (if you could call it that) we went from smelly room to room in the dark and semi dark.  The calendar on the wall was dated 2006 which is when it was last inhabited, yet things were left just as though somebody had just walked out - use your imagination.  When we came out of the house the looks on our faces brought the price down to 12k Levs. (1 lev = 37p)
Later that night at Venka and Jordan's the price was 10k Levs but we still didn't want it!

 Jordan watching David denying that he had had too much rakia (the local hooch).  Jordan should know because he was secretly topping him up.
 Venka just smiling because she cannot understand a word GJ is saying and he hadn't had too much rakia
 A present from Sarah and David's recent trip to UK - Liverpool stuff - A common language
Well what a bobby dazzler!
The meal consisted of a plate of mixed vegetables raw but pickled for a starter, Fish and Chips which was carp in batter with chips and grated cheese on top - all cold.  That's how they serve it, so that the hostess doesn't have to be away from the table for long.  Alongside this came a plate of very fatty cold cured meat but Sarah had made some chocolate brownies for pud - so that was alright then!  It was lovely to be embraced by these people and their humble surroundings.  They are a very genorous, proud and hospitable nation - even though we told them that we didn't want the house. 
Thursday took us to Velinko Tornovo, the largest local town (used to be the capital I believe) and we visited the local supermarkets.  We had by now found a nice walk we could take Bracken on which headed out of the village
You will notice the weather and the lack of outer clothing!
and the fact that we are still eating in the garden...sorry about the washing!
This takes us to Friday and more viewings - another 4 I think, it is all quite a blur....
Now this was interesting!
More about this next time......what a busy week!!!
H, GJ & Bracken


  1. We had the same when we looked at houses in Northern Spain, it was like going back in time, some had a sad feeling about them, as if someone has just left one day. The house at bottom page looks very nice though!