Saturday, 10 October 2015

J'taime the weather

Morning broke in La Rochelle and we decided to leave Kevin in the car park and look at the town in the daylight.  We followed GJs GPS thingy and made our way down to the harbour.

Sun took a while to come out but when it did - phew!
That's how the French serve a Café Latte - and boy it was good
Our next question was which restaurant would we choose for lunch - there seemed to be miles of cafes but most of them serve tourist food like burgers and pizza's albeit quality ones.  We chose one in the end and I had a caeser salad (very Italian) and GJ had a home-made steak burger with French cheese (more American I would say).  Both very good though.
The salad was in there somewhere underneath the chicken and pancetta
Crumbly burger
It would be nice to have a bit more French food though but as we cross France, you never know.  We called into a massive hyper market called Leclerc and bought lots of French cheese, meats, bread and flatbreads too - oh and lots of lovely cheap but quality French wine. We have been so fortunate with the weather that I have even broken out the shorts - no pictures of that though!  However, luck is not all on our side.  We had a problem with Kevin but of our own making. After leaving La Rochelle and heading to Puyravault again, this time with knowledge of how to open the gates and wait for Romeo the builder, our next challenge was to somehow get Kevin in through a narrow gate on the left hand side of a very narrow street
View from Elspeth's house to the end of the road shows how narrow this is.
I advised (because women have all the best most logical ideas) that GJ backed into the neighbour opposite's driveway and then drive Kevin straight across the road and into the gate.  The problem we had is when GJ had backed into the neighbours spot he then asked me to go to the front of the vehicle to guide him in.  Thing is that in making sure he would go through the gate we forgot about what was going on at the back and as Kevin went down a curb stone he wedged himself against a wall by his towing bracket.  Sacré bleu! The air was blue at this point and I didn't think it prudent to take photos.  So there we were, couldn't move backwards or forwards straddled across the road which thankfully is not busy.  The only thing for it was for GJ to get underneath Kevin and take the bolts out of the towing bracket (which is slightly wider than the van),  which when released, also took a chunk out of the neighbours wall but we managed to cover up with foliage. 
Worse things happen at sea! - but we've supposed to have passed that bit
And relax
This evenings meal with the spoils from our shopping trip.


  1. That's just a scratch, bit of duck tape will sort it :)

    1. Already done and he looks proper "used" now Hx

  2. Definite foody theme going on here. Wait till you get one of those lovely rolls from a service stop in Germany, takes you right back.

  3. Trouble is that I seem to have eaten no end of bready things - not good for the waistline but they make it so nice on the continent. Hx