Monday, 19 October 2015

Le French to De Germans.......

Sorry I haven't been able to get a blog done for a while folks, it's difficult when you are on the move.  Anyway here goes France to Austria.
First off,  we had to get Kevin turned around.
from this...

to this.
Mission accomplished. We then set off to travel a bit over France quite quickly because we were losing the light at the end of the day and the heat.  We travelled along the motorways but incurred a lot in tolls.  In total it cost us Euro 122  to get across but I will say that the roads were very good.  Now there were no tolls in Germany but that was reflected in the state of the autobahns which were very bad and poor Kevin was buffeted about cracking and squeaking and we even found a screw on the floor and we don't know where it came from.
 This was our first stop in France, next to the Loire but we had an unfortunate situation with a loose dog from another camper van that kept wanting us to throw a stick for it.  It was a nice dog but because we have had a problem in the past with Border Collies (pre castration) and our Braken, we didn't give B too much excercise. 
 Me and the black dog - best I'm taken from afar!
The Loire
 We're on the road again...
 The next stop was one of our favourites.  Further along the Loire Valley, nothing there but a herb garden that we were asked to  help ourselves to.  While we were there though, we had a right giggle at a German van that turned up.  Huge thing towing a smart car.  The owner stoped at three different points before he satisfactorily got a signal on his automatic sky dish.  But it was funny to see this dish going round and round and this German man getting more and more cross.  When he  found the signal, both occupants sat down and just watched TV all night.  What's the point!
This was the first time that we were able to give Bracken some exercise off the lead.
 Just thought I would show you the exercise recommendations on the French motorways.  They even give you an exercise bench.
 Into Germany now and we saw more wine vines here than we ever saw in France. We had crossed the border clutching our passports ready to show them,  dog muzzled but blink and we missed it.  Only a police station to mark the crossing.
 We stayed just outside a town called Bad Durkheim and went for a walk into the town in the afernoon.  We thought we would come back in at night and have a meal here......
 Don't know if you can zoom in but we didn't understand a thing.  By the time it had gone dark and the wind was extremely cold - we decided not to venture out.  So no photos of food here.
 More of the pretty town.
 When we were on the autobahn, we kept coming across shrink wrapped cars.  We actually saw a load of Masaratties but didn't have time to photograph them.  GJ commented that "theres a few thousand quid there"  These were actually Audi's.
 We had to stop for about 1 and a half hours because there was an accident.  You wouldn't believe it but people started getting out of their cars and going for a pee at the side of the road. So I got up and made a sandwich and a cup of coffee whilst GJ got out to talk to the English trucker whose name was Honest Bob - it said that on his window.  They completely closed the motorway.  We had to laugh because this vehicle in front squeezed past us all to try and help.  Typical of the US army, always come in at the end!
 Our only typical German meal experience in a motorway cafe where we had to purchase our Go Box so we could travel across Austria.  Knackwurst und Katoffle.

And I had my first Veinna Snitzel.

Milage to date - Lots.  Will try harder next time.
GJ, H and Bracken x


  1. Looks like a Bratwurst that, Knackwurst are boiled or did you photograph the wrong sausage? Also try Weißwurst which is a Bavarian sausage and also Kassler on sauerkraut absolutely delicious. :O)

  2. It was actually boiled then seared. Had liver last night by using a pin on the menu but it was delish.

  3. It was actually boiled then seared. Had liver last night by using a pin on the menu but it was delish.

  4. Wait until you try the delicacies of Bulgarain cuisine.