Thursday, 1 October 2015

Rick Stein Land!

If anybody who looks at this is aware of who Rick Stein is, then you will have heard that Padstow is dominated by him. 
We arrived at our latest campsite near to Padstow.  The walk in was through a ploughed field (two nice tracks made by the farmer and because we have had glorious weather, was nice and dry)
 and then a walk through a cornfield which was eerie because the corn was so high but had a nice track through.
 Then we reached a straw field with huge round bales drying out in it, over various tricky styles with a dog!
 I'm so proud of Bracken - he approached those unusual styles with intelligence - weighing up the situation first before a mammoth jump.
 And finally a walk through some connibation to the harbour.

Down at the harbour, the first thing we came across was Rick Stein's Fish and Chip take-away with some outside seating, followed by Fish & Chip diner, followed by a deli followed by a fish mongers shop.  Walk a bit further and you come across his first restaurant "The Seafront", then a bit further into the village and you have a bistro/hotel, further still is the Stein's Café, B & B, Patissarie and a gift shop.  Only twelve businesses then within half a mile. No wonder they call it "Padstein" or "Rickstow".
On the first of our two nights here we decided to call in to Padstow and had a drink at The Ship where the boy I was with was much admired - no not GJ
then we decided to go next door to eat at an Italian restaurant called Rojano's
The food was good and the best thing about it was the patio heaters which are definitley required at the end of September when you are sitting outside with a dog.
Wild mushroom, truffle and spinach spaghetti (me)
The Italian job burger (GJ).  This was after a steaming hot bowl of salt and pepper squid.
The next day we decided to walk back down to the harbour to see it in daylight and get the Ricky experience.  We thought we would take a trip across the estuary by ferry to Rock but the tides were against us so we found a Pasty Presto, bought Portuguese Custard Tarts and coffee and watched the passers by.  Seems everybody who owns a dog comes to Padstow but no growling from our team - well not Bracken anyway.  We found Stein's café and decided we would like to have lunch there
but the Maitre'D asked us to wait another hour so we wandered off.  as I was coming out, who should be going in but Ricky Stein - how funny - still carrying his man bag!
We finally decided to go back to the large building at the start of the harbour that housed a few of the RS empire to have fish and chips - let's see if he is all he is cracked up to be?
I had beer battered lemon sole and it was very good and I liked the touch of a wedge of lemon and a sprig of parsley considering it was only a takeaway.
but then it should be at that price £19.00 for two meals without drinks (sorry it's sideways on).
We then visited his fish shop and I purchased a medium tub of large cooked prawns (£5.50) and a small tub of cooked muscles (£3.50) to make up a pasta dish when we got back to Kevin.  So back we trundled..
back through the subway that was also en route from campsite to town
Just a bit of good graffiti, back to Kevin
where I produced this with the seafood and some samphire..
The focaccia was from you know who's deli.  What a busy day -
Bracken proof reading my blog before...
even he couldn't take anymore
Mileage to date = 585 miles
Next stop is Falmouth
GJ,H and Bracken


  1. Mouth's watering. Enjoy while you can!

  2. We are glad to see everything going well, really jealous. xx

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